• We took a 360-degree VR virtual scene shooting, can feel the immersive experience in our pp woven bag factory

    We took a 360-degree VR virtual scene shooting, can feel the immersive experience in our pp woven bag factory

    Our third factory has been put into use, covering an area of 130mu. This shot integrated the history of the first factory, the production capacity of the second factory, and the scale of the third factory. Because of the impact of the epidemic, VR may be able to make customers better like visitin...
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  • We held the 2020 New Year Party In workshop of pp ad star cement bag

    We held the 2020 New Year Party In workshop of pp ad star cement bag

    Our boss’s wife awards prizes to game winners We mobilize all employees every year From the restaurant department, workshop department, production department, technical department, quality supervision department, printing department, and sales department, everyone will come to the factory f...
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  • Two discharge methods for jumbo bags

    Two discharge methods for jumbo bags

    The product of ton bags is often used in large logistics, and we should pay attention to its discharge method when using it. So what are the two common discharge methods? The following is told by Hefa Editor: The method of unloading materials per ton of bags is to operate according to the type of...
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  • New design 50KG Cement bag for Africa Market

    New design 50KG Cement bag for Africa Market

    Help many cement factories in Africa make new cement bags Beautiful printing and high-quality use have won unanimous praise from customers. If your bags also need to be customized Please contact us
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  • Polypropylene (PP) woven bag Coating Technology

    1. Application and Preparation Brief: The special material of polypropylene coating is mainly used for the coating of polypropylene woven bag and woven cloth. After coating, woven bags made of coating can be used directly without lining polyene bags. the strength and overall performance of the w...
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  • How much cost of High Speed Circular Double-sided Printing Cement Bag Making Machine

    This machine, matched with laminating machine or not, is used for making laminated cement bag and various kinds of laminated Pp Woven Bags. It has the functions of printing, gusseting, flat-cutting, 7-type cutting, pneumatic-hydraulic auto edge correction for material feeding and has the advanta...
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  • Frequently Asked Questions Related to PP Woven Bags

    1.What is the full form of PP bags? The most searched question on Google about PP bags is its full form. PP bags is an abbreviation of Polypropylene Bags which has usage according to its characteristics. Available in Woven and Non-woven form, this bags have huge variety to choose from. 2. What ar...
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  • Congratulations on our new PP woven bag production workshop

    Congratulations on our new PP woven bag workshop start production! It is the third factory we have established! Our company, Boda Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd, has been in packaging industry for more than 18 years. Is one of China`s top packaging producers of specialty Polypropylene Woven Bags. Wit...
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  • Choose the right bag for your fertilizer

    The detail of WPP Fertilizer Sack Fertilizer bags are ordered in many types and different grades of materials. The factors which may need to be considered will include environmental concerns, type of fertilizer, customer preferences, cost, and others. In other word, it should be evaluated by bala...
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  • Great changes will take place in the pyramid industry pattern of pp woven bag

    China is a big country in the production and consumption of plastics bag. There are many participants in the PP woven bag market. The current industry presents a pyramid industry pattern: the major upstream suppliers, PetroChina, Sinopec, Shenhua, etc., require customers to purchase cement bags a...
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